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Wedding offer

A wedding is a carefully planned, emotional and unforgettable celebration, the organization and conduct of which require responsibility and professionalism.

The Garden Street Hotel offers to hold this bright holiday in the heart of St. Petersburg, where you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the architectural and park ensembles of the city and a yacht trip along the rivers and canals of Northern Venice. There is also a panoramic platform on the roof of the hotel that can be a non-standard solution for a wedding ceremony and a wedding photo shoot. We take into account the interests and requirements of the newlyweds, paying great attention to the little things. We will be happy to make this day the most unforgettable in your life.

Wedding offer:

  • Accommodation in a hotel room from Standard to Apartment;
  • 15% discount on accommodation for newlyweds and guests of the wedding event from the basic rate on the hotel’s website;
  • Breakfast in the room;
  • Late check-out before 15:00 the next day;
  • The possibility of wedding photo shoot in the interiors of the hotel and on the roof of the Garden Street hotel;
  • 15% discount on dinner at the panoramic Sky & Garden restaurant;
  • A special gift from the hotel.

When holding a banquet in one of the hotel’s restaurants in the amount of 300,000 rubles or more, a night in a Junior Suite room as a gift.

Bachelorette party:

Arrange a Pre-party with your girlfriends in the best rooms such as Studio or Apartments. A lot of vivid impressions of this moment will be remembered forever!

Our offer includes:

  • A gift from the hotel — accommodation for up to 5 people for the price of two (breakfast is paid extra);
  • Help in the realization of any of your desires;
  • Booking a limousine or boat ride along the rivers and canals of the “Venice of the North” from the pier on Fontanka in five minutes on foot from the hotel*;
  • Breakfast with sparkling wine in the room*;
  • Order a photo shoot in the interiors and on the panoramic platform of the hotel.*

*Services are paid additionally

The bride’s preparations:

Turn wedding gatherings into a romantic and memorable event.
It is enough just to choose a beautiful room and enjoy the preparations: order breakfast, wait for a stylist and a photographer, and even invite your mother or friends to shoot. The hotel room eliminates unnecessary fuss, as there is enough stress for the bride and the groom on the eve of the wedding already. A full rest, thoughtful preparations and a spectacular ceremony in a great mood will be provided to you.

Important details are at your service:

  • Full-length mirror;
  • Parking at the hotel;
  • Convenient location of sockets and an extension cord if necessary;
  • Breakfast in the room;
  • The possibility of holding a photo shoot in the interiors and on the roof of the hotel*.

*Photographer’s services are paid additionally.


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Resort fee

Dear guests!
Please note that for adult guests of St. Petersburg, upon check-in at the hotel, starting from 04/01/2024, a resort fee of 100 rubles per day is mandatory.

When booking on the official website of the hotel, the resort fee is not included in the room rate and is paid separately upon check-in.
How much do I need to pay?
Individuals who have reached the age of 18 and plan to stay in accommodation facilities for more than 24 hours will be charged a resort fee of 100 rubles / day. If the actual number of days of stay at the hotel is reduced, then the overpaid amount of the resort fee, which was accrued and paid, must be refunded upon departure from the hotel.
The calculation of the resort fee is made according to the formula: THE AMOUNT OF THE RESORT FEE = 100 ₽ x (number of days of stay starting from the day of arrival).
Who is exempt from paying the resort fee?
The exemption from payment of the resort fee applies to several categories of citizens, which are the most popular.
First of all, this applies to persons living on the territory of the experiment. In order to be exempt from paying the fee, they must present a certificate of registration at their place of residence or a passport with a mark of registration at their place of residence. It is important to note that registration at the place of stay does not give the right to exemption from payment of the resort fee.

Also, persons who work on a permanent basis on the territory of the experiment under an employment contract or service contract are exempt from paying the fee. To be exempt from the fee, they must present the original of the employment contract or service contract, or a copy certified in accordance with the established procedure.

The third category of citizens exempt from paying the resort fee is persons under the age of 24 who study full-time in educational institutions located on the territory of the experiment. To be exempt from the fee, they must present the original student ID or credit card indicating the form of study, or a certificate from an educational organization with a seal valid for the current year. In addition, such persons must present a document certifying their identity and age.

In total, 21 categories of citizens are exempt from paying the resort fee, according to Federal Law No. 214-FZ "On conducting an experiment on the development of resort infrastructure" and the Federal Law "On Veterans".

In order to exercise the right to exemption from payment of the fee, citizens must present to the operator of the resort fee (hotel) the original document confirming their right to exemption, or a certified copy thereof.
Now, after the introduction of the resort fee, we request your additional consent to the processing of personal data. In addition, you must present the relevant documents confirming your right to be exempt from paying the resort fee if you belong to the privileged categories of citizens.

Realizing that all this involves time, we make every effort to make the check-in process as comfortable as possible for you. Your understanding and patience in this matter are very important to us.
Thank you for choosing our hotel and we hope that your stay with us will be pleasant and comfortable.
What happens if I refuse to pay the resort fee?
Failure to pay the resort fee may result in an administrative fine in the amount of 500 to 5000 rubles. The hotel is obliged to draw up an act of refusal and transfer the information to the executive body of the state authority of St. Petersburg, responsible for monitoring and supervising the payers of the resort fee and operators in the city.

It is important to note that non-payment of the resort fee is not a reason for refusal to check into the hotel.