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4 guests

Spacious, elegant and functional rooms with a total area of 35 m² with a full kitchen, sitting area and bedroom. The room has one large comfortable bed and a sofa in the guest area. Ideal for families with children or for those guests who prefer to cook on their own when traveling.

The kitchen area of the room is fully equipped for a comfortable stay: exquisite wooden furniture, touch-sensitive electric stove, dishwasher, sink, as well as a set of all necessary utensils.

Additionally, the room is equipped with a capsule coffee machine with three types of capsules, including Decaffeinato. Upon request, a microwave oven can be installed, which is especially convenient when traveling with a small child.

The rooms are decorated with high-quality materials made to order. Finnish Asko mattresses, satin bed linen and a menu of pillows will ensure a wonderful sleep. The bathrooms are equipped with a shower system and Villeroy & Boch fixtures. The rooms feature high-quality German cosmetics from Ada International. All materials used in finishing meet environmental standards.

The room has the ability to expand a double sofa.



4 guests
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The cost of extra bed is 2600 rubles, accommodation only
Breakfast with delicious pastries and hot dishes - from 07:00 to 11:00 daily in the hotel’s restaurant.

Room Amenities

Climate control system
Writing utensils
Luggage stand
Electronic lock
Hair dryer
Smart TV
Tea set
Heated floor
Hygiene kit
Alarm clock
Folding sofa


24-hour access to the fitness room and sauna
Our little guests can play in the children's room
Pillow Menu
The rooms are on a quiet street, there is no noise from the road
Panoramic roof

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Other rooms


St. Petersburg,
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St. Petersburg, Inzhenernaya str., 9A
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Resort fee

Dear guests!
Please note that for adult guests of St. Petersburg, upon check-in at the hotel, starting from 04/01/2024, a resort fee of 100 rubles per day is mandatory.

When booking on the official website of the hotel, the resort fee is not included in the room rate and is paid separately upon check-in.
How much do I need to pay?
Individuals who have reached the age of 18 and plan to stay in accommodation facilities for more than 24 hours will be charged a resort fee of 100 rubles / day. If the actual number of days of stay at the hotel is reduced, then the overpaid amount of the resort fee, which was accrued and paid, must be refunded upon departure from the hotel.
The calculation of the resort fee is made according to the formula: THE AMOUNT OF THE RESORT FEE = 100 ₽ x (number of days of stay starting from the day of arrival).
Who is exempt from paying the resort fee?
The exemption from payment of the resort fee applies to several categories of citizens, which are the most popular.
First of all, this applies to persons living on the territory of the experiment. In order to be exempt from paying the fee, they must present a certificate of registration at their place of residence or a passport with a mark of registration at their place of residence. It is important to note that registration at the place of stay does not give the right to exemption from payment of the resort fee.

Also, persons who work on a permanent basis on the territory of the experiment under an employment contract or service contract are exempt from paying the fee. To be exempt from the fee, they must present the original of the employment contract or service contract, or a copy certified in accordance with the established procedure.

The third category of citizens exempt from paying the resort fee is persons under the age of 24 who study full-time in educational institutions located on the territory of the experiment. To be exempt from the fee, they must present the original student ID or credit card indicating the form of study, or a certificate from an educational organization with a seal valid for the current year. In addition, such persons must present a document certifying their identity and age.

In total, 21 categories of citizens are exempt from paying the resort fee, according to Federal Law No. 214-FZ "On conducting an experiment on the development of resort infrastructure" and the Federal Law "On Veterans".

In order to exercise the right to exemption from payment of the fee, citizens must present to the operator of the resort fee (hotel) the original document confirming their right to exemption, or a certified copy thereof.
Now, after the introduction of the resort fee, we request your additional consent to the processing of personal data. In addition, you must present the relevant documents confirming your right to be exempt from paying the resort fee if you belong to the privileged categories of citizens.

Realizing that all this involves time, we make every effort to make the check-in process as comfortable as possible for you. Your understanding and patience in this matter are very important to us.
Thank you for choosing our hotel and we hope that your stay with us will be pleasant and comfortable.
What happens if I refuse to pay the resort fee?
Failure to pay the resort fee may result in an administrative fine in the amount of 500 to 5000 rubles. The hotel is obliged to draw up an act of refusal and transfer the information to the executive body of the state authority of St. Petersburg, responsible for monitoring and supervising the payers of the resort fee and operators in the city.

It is important to note that non-payment of the resort fee is not a reason for refusal to check into the hotel.